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Wednesday, 25-May-2011 10:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Your Food Can Prematurely Age You!

Did you know that the food you eat could be prematurely ageing you? Science has made some amazing discoveries in the last decade in nutrition. We really should be taking note of what we put in our mouth because more than ever, “we are what we eat”. Do you know the impact of what you are eating? Probably not. It’s time to find out because over-indulgence in certain types of food cause the body to prematurely age.

Would you like some more free radicals with your lunch…? There is frequent mention these days about ‘free radicals’ and how they are constantly attacking the body, causing potentially serious damage.

A free radical is the name for a molecule that has an unpaired electron. They are a normal by-product of metabolism and without them you would die.

To put the record straight, it’s the over-production of free radicals that causes damage to the body. We are advised by nutritional experts to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

This is because they are rich in antioxidant phytonutrients…substances that neutralise free radicals and so help protect the body.

One of the essential tasks of free radicals is in producing energy from the food you eat. Every time you eat, free radical activity is intense. The more food you eat, the more free radicals are formed, and the more antioxidants your body needs to neutralise them. Big meals are big trouble!

Effective Antioxidants include vitamins A, C, E; minerals such as selenium, zinc, and herbs such as aloe vera and grapeseed extract.

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Tuesday, 24-May-2011 10:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Selenium – Trace Mineral (Antioxidant)

Selenium is a mineral, not an antioxidant nutrient like what many think. However, it is a component of antioxidant enzymes. Although it is toxic in large doses, selenium is an essential micronutrient for animals. In plants, it occurs as a bystander mineral, sometimes in toxic proportions.

Selenium is a component of the unusual amino acids selenocysteine and selenomethionine. In humans, selenium is a trace element nutrient that functions as cofactor for reduction of antioxidant enzymes, such as glutathione peroxidases and certain forms of thioredoxin reductase found in animals and some plants.

Sources of Dietary Selenium:

Plant foods like rice and wheat are the major dietary sources of selenium in most countries. The amount of selenium in soil, which varies by region, determines the amount of selenium in the foods grown in that soil. However grains, nuts and garlic are rich sources of selenium.

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Saturday, 21-May-2011 09:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Best Online Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss today has become a huge industry; it is not only a huge industry but a hungry industry. Obese people crave to lose weight soon and they are willing to try out everything new to shed the weight quickly. Online marketers exploit this and sell every junk to these people, if you search for the term weight loss in google it will return you 243 million websites that is the kind of competition among marketers in this industry. They will sell you online courses, trail acai products (which are mostly adulterated and junk), they sell you products from nameless companies which will charge your credit card every month for nothing.

Get rich quick and rapid weight loss are the two scam terms doing the rounds these days.

Our focus has always been to help people to lose weight naturally and cure all ailments naturally through sattvic diet and through powerful yogasanas and pranayama. These techniques are very ancient, healthy and typically Indian. There are numerous yoga classing doing the rounds in all parts of the world however they don’t present the right facts to people. One who is practicising yoga should only have sattvic diet, the temperature of his surroundings should be moderate to high (lower temperatures will make the joints very stiff), should do it at the time of sunrise (just before sunrise). Having a sattvic diet is not just a dogma practiced by ancient Indians, but it has scientific evidence today. Check more about Yoga and Sattvic Diet for details. When practiced properly Yoga and Sattivic diet will result in permanent weight loss and can give you perfect health, but the negative side is it will take a couple of years to master this and get permanent results. In a fast paced world today, people are not willing to wait that long, so we put in our efforts to find out which is the best Online program for weight loss. While the sauna belt, the magnetic belt, oils and diet pills are almost always ineffective. There is no substitute to the combo healthy lifestyle, proper planned workout schedule, balanced and fat burning diets and methods to increase your metabolic rate.

In our research we found out that 70% of the online programs that are being sold over the internet are done by people who are good at marketing and don’t know anything about health or weight loss. These marketers hire writers to get their work done and they sell it to the market. On further analysis we short listed 10 best programs on the internet created by people who knew what they are talking about. Of those 10 online programs we decided to select three best programs.

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Monday, 16-May-2011 12:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Relieve Hormonal Symptoms of Menopause with a natural food diet

Looking for more natural ways to help with the symptoms of menopause? Many herbal remedies can relieve and even eliminate the common symptoms of these conditions.

During menopause, women often experience uncomfortable symptoms. Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, irregular, changes in bleeding and loss of sexual desire are some of the most common. Recently, studies have shown that hormone replacement therapy is not as safe as originally believed, so many women are looking to natural remedies with a great deal of success.

Black cohosh has been used for centuries to help women with menopausal symptoms, and is most effective in treating hot flashes. It seems to have some ability to mimic estrogen in the body, relieving the hot flashes and mood swings that plague so many women.

Limiting caffeine will help with your symptoms as well. Herbal teas, and using onion, garlic and lemon instead of salt should help as well. One study at UCLA noted that garlic halted the advance of heart disease in post-menopausal women.

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Wednesday, 11-May-2011 10:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Foods and Supplements that Control Cellulite

What creates the cottage cheese effect of cellulite? Simply put, cellulite is caused by loose or weak skin and connective tissues that are unable to keep the fat tissues contained within their compartments. Fat tissues or deposits escape through weakened connective fibrous strands and buoy up to the surface, creating the pebbly, orange peel effect. Strong skin and muscles are the best preventive measures for runaway fat. Keeping the cell body firm and intact would mean keeping control over fatty deposits. Cellulite is formed by the creation of water pockets and fat deposits which means that the most effective avenue for controlling them is through exercise and diet. An exercise program is absolutely necessary as well as proper foods and supplementation. Certain foods known for their cell-building properties can help control cellulite.

Protein: The cellulite problem is most pronounced in women who have sagging muscles and skin. Exercise and protein can reduce the stores of fat under the skin; protein helps to firm up muscles that can keep fat stores in place and reduce the dimpled effect of cellulite. Older skin, like older muscles, needs protein, especially soy protein with less fat, for toning and firming. How much protein would you need to produce firm, toned muscles? Approximately .6 gram per pound of lean body mass if you are a moderately active person and 1 gram per pound of lean body mass if you are very active. Go for lean protein in fish, especially salmon because fish provides a high dose of essential fatty acids.

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